Baking With Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the best surfaces to work with when baking. If you are familiar with any of the baking and cooking shows, you have probably seen chefs using large granite slab to temper chocolate or help keep dough chilled while working on it. This is because granite maintains a certain cool temperature about it while being used, making it a perfect addition to the baker’s repertoire.

Why Granite?

Granite is a naturally attractive material to use in your kitchen, but it isn’t just a pretty face. It can be a good material to help you with baking as well. How is that you ask? The interesting thing about granite is that naturally retains temperature. It will naturally remain cooler than its surroundings which make it the perfect choice for rolling out dough on. No more sticky, melting cookie or bread dough! Now you can use the natural chill of your granite countertop to help your baking retain its form.

If you have watched any cooking shows, most of the celebrities chefs utilize a granite or marble surface to help keep their dough chilled or to temper chocolate. This is because¬† granite countertops¬† the granite, when kept in the freezer, will retain that temperature during the prep time. Having a granite countertop works in much the same fashion. It will naturally retain the cooler temperatures of your house longer, which makes it a good baking surface. Now that doesn’t mean you should roll your dough or temper your chocolate on it. It will still have residue on it from cleaning or residue from other items, which can contaminate your baking. You can, however, place a thin silicone mat underneath the dough or chocolate, chilled first of course, to use during prep. The granite will help the mat and the dough to remain chilled while working it.

Is it Safe?

Granite is a naturally non- porous material which can make it less likely to promote bacterial growth, and when sealed, it is virtually anti-bacterial. The pores of stones is where most bacteria harbor, so with a sealant, granite becomes anti-bacterial, which makes for a solid, germ-free surface for baking. Add to that mix a natural temperature retention and the natural beauty of granite, you have a gorgeous kitchen designed just for baking.

Granite countertops may not be for everyone, and installation should be completed by trained professionals. If you are thinking about adding granite to your kitchen, contact a respected, professional countertop installation team to find out if granite is right for you. With granite, you’ll love the look, and you’ll love the results. Your baking will never be the same and your family will thank you for it!

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